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Homeopathic Series Therapy

    frequency:  every three days

    Amount:  1 vial    

hold under tongue for 10 seconds, swallow

*No Mint, Carmex/Blistex


    Frequency: on off day of the vials 3 times a day

    Amount: 10 drop

Homeopathic Drops

    frequency:  3 times a day

    Amount:  10 drops

        hold under tongue for 10 seconds, swallow

*No Mint, Carmex/Blistex


    frequency: 2 times per day

    Amount:  3

Smart Silver

    frequency:  2 times per day

    Amount:  1 tsp


Exclusive Offer

New patients offer $30 for your initial chiropractic exam and any necessary x-rays.

* Not valid with Medicare or Medicaid

Sign-up using the form or call us at 515-267-9956 to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

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